Throughout history, the family has developed, adapted, and changed yet has managed to endure as one of the oldest institutions. In our every changing society, the family is faced with various oppositions, challenges, and opportunities.  As I study the history of the family, I intend to also study the concept of the modern family and the relationships, roles, activities, views, and beliefs of modern family.  I will cover a variety of topics but some of the main topics that I will cover include technology, social media, and religion.

Technology is all around us. We use technology a great number of times every single day and it has greatly changed the way that we live. I will look at the advancements of technology and how they have changed the life of the family.

Social media has quickly taken a hold over society. Using our quickly developing technology, we are able to connect to people all over the world through facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs, etc. I hope to look at the way that social media has changed how we communicate with our families.

We live in a very secularized society. In history, religion and the Church has certainly made quite the impact on the family. I would like to study how religion plays a part in the family life or how the lack of religion affects the family. As a Roman Catholic and a Theology major here at The Catholic University of America, I will most likely have a stronger focus on Catholicism but I hope to look at other religions as well.


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