When Love Didn’t Give Up – Ian and Larissa

One might say that I have been spending too much time watching videos like this over finals week but I guess if I am able to tie them into my blog then it isn’t real procrastination… right?

This video tells the story of Ian and Larissa, a couple who had been dating for ten months before Ian was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury.  The two, who had been considering marriage before the accident, decided to get married despite his injuries provided that he was able to communicate with her.  The two are now releasing a book on their marriage.

The marriage between Ian and Larissa is different from many marriages.  Larissa must help Ian with many day-to-day tasks, be the one who works to provide for them, manage his medications and and care for him in ways that he will never be able to do for her.  Ian is far more dependent on Larissa than she is on him.

But in other ways, their marriage is just like other marriages.  They spend time together, are able to communicate, go on dates, and have a relationship founded on love and faith.  Ian’s brain injury did not prevent him from being able to consent to marriage and the two are able to have a marriage that no one can deny as loving.

Ian and Larissa’s marriage is certainly one that presents a different view on marriage – one that is not based on what each partner can give to the other but the love between the partners.  There are many marriages that fall apart due to lesser struggles than the ones that Ian and Larissa face and this is testimony to the fact that marriage is work but it is worth it.


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