The Culture of Mom Blogs

mommy-blog-it_s640x427The internet has created an outlet and community for many people. People of all ages are able to express themselves, create relationships with other people, and share their ideas, work, art, and frankly, almost anything that they would like.

One of the niches that has been created in the internet is Mom Blogging.  Blogging is certainly not exclusive to women or to mothers, but they have certainly found their place in the blogging realm.  Mom blogs generally consist of stories about their children and daily life, recipes, crafts and DIY, advice, product reviews, and other things that the mothers choose to share with the world.

Through these blogs, the lives of families and children are being captured on the internet from their daily routine, stories, pictures, and updates on the child’s development whether it be from walking to grades in school.  Years from now, the children will be able to see a lot more about their childhood than some others whose mom didn’t put it on the internet.

One reason why women might be so interested in creating and maintaining these blogs is because of the “solitude of the home.”  Our society has become increasingly more connected through the internet that many people are unable to be alone.  Mom’s who stay home with their children feel as though they too have to share their lives in some ways with other despite not having co-workers or people they see on a daily basis.  These blogs give them a community with which they can share their observations, joys, struggles, and beliefs about their lives, children, and parenting experience.

One aspect of these blogs that I found interesting was the idea of promoting your “parenting style.”  Many moms had a post or a whole page dedicated to the way in which they parent their children.  This ranged in topics from diets, schooling, vaccines and medicines, discipline, etc.  Women would occasionally note changes in their parenting style as they had new experiences and learned more about various things.  It struck me as the creation of a formula for parenting.  Sure there are plenty of guides out there to parent but these “parenting styles” seemed to be an attempt to create a recipe for the perfect child.  If they attended this kind of school, at these foods, and avoided these things they would turn out just fine.

When mother’s disagreed on various aspects of parenting, there was often some discussion that ranged from kind and curious to heated and enraged.  The rise of competition and disagreement about the models of parenting has come about exactly because of these outlets in which we can broadcast our beliefs.  Throughout history there were certainly some standards that went along with family and parenting, however, what happened in the home was generally private.  The ways that parents reared their children was up to them and unless discussed by the parents, would not be something that necessarily everyone would know about.  Yet here were have mother’s who are broadcasting a great deal of the lives of their family onto the internet and allowing everyone to see how they are parenting.  This freedom of expression of belief is certainly not bad but it always comes with some level of conflict as opposing beliefs are expressed.

It isn’t just other mom bloggers or moms who are tuning into these blogs.  Many of these blogs have gathered a following and the lives of these families are being watched.  People who follow these blogs online send in holiday greetings, birthday wishes, and in many ways correspond with these moms and their families.  Some viewers have watched babies grow to be children and feel warm regards for many of them.

The culture of mom blogs is a fascinating and valuable way to peer into the lives of many modern families.

H&R Block conducted a study on Mom Bloggers and created this very helpful chart for understanding the culture of Mom Blogs:



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